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Exploring Pakistan

Pakistan MapPAKISTAN enjoys a very unique Geographical landscape, on one hand it hosts world’s most magnificent mountain ranges of Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindukush, consisting World’s 2nd highest peak, K-2. Among these mountains masses are also found the greatest concentration of ice-glaciers, including world 2nd longest Siachen glacier, melting into the famous Indus river system. On the contrast the central and southern part of the country is dominated by irrigated plains, arid plateaus and deserts extending up to Arabian Sea in the south. This huge altitudinal and latitudinal variation creates unique ecological conditions and give rise to more than 20,000 plants and animal species. The history of the area goes back to stone-age and archaeoloAgical finds suggests that culture existed since 7000 BC. This extensive and rich civilization history and large population base, of 180+ Million, has given rise to numerous and unique arts, cultures and traditions.

High Mountains                    Forests     Rivers        Range lands                  Irrigated Plains                    Deserts/Wastelands                         Towns/Cities                       Sea

Pakistan Geographical Profile

An illustration of geographical cross section of Pakistan


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